Best Ambulances for Hospitals

NAFFCO is the largest ambulance maker in Dubai, We are serving as best ambulance provider in MENA region. We are supplying highly advanced medical ambulances, emergency vehicles and mobile medical vehicles to the hospitals in over 100 countries worldwide including Middle East, India, Asia and Europe countries.

We provide all type of medical ambulances including American Standard ambulances (Type I and Type II), European standard ambulances (Type A, Type B, Type C) and best customized and specialized ambulances and vehicles for emergency and medical uses.

Ambulances are built with highly advanced life protection technology, all the ambulances are packed with emergency equipment, first aid materials and highly advanced medical instruments which are designed to protect life during emergency time.

We offer ambulances in three following categories

1. American Standard Ambulances (KKK-A-1822F / NFPA1917)

•Type I Ambulances
•Type II Ambulances
•Type III Ambulances

2. European Standard Ambulances (EN1789)

•Type A Ambulances
•Type B Ambulances
•Type C Ambulances

3. Custom Made Ambulances

4. Specialized Ambulances


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